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Content-OS is a creative content company that brings high art to social impact. We conceive projects that inspire the core values of our partners through music and other forms of media. We believe that social impact requires cultural transformation!

Content-OS is focused on producing and promoting content that directly benefits the needs and mission of our partners (mostly, non-profit organizations). We bring our experience in concept and artistry to help our partners think outside the box and connect with their constituents more deeply — using emotion, empathy, heart, and fun!

Content-OS works in participation with our partners and stakeholders to create artistic content — you are involved in every step, including the content creation.

Content-OS Production. By living across all media we are able to uniquely empower our partners. We work with:

  • Musical Recordings (original tracks, albums, interactive sessions, audio branding)
  • Short Films / Photography (documentaries, mobile episodes, art-photography)
  • Gallery Art (artists and curators to create pieces/shows inspired by mission)
  • Live Events (concerts and themed music/film, entertainment, and shows)

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